GE Waukesha Engines

IGPES Group is the authorized distributor on behalf of General Electric’s Waukesha engines and parts in Nigeria.

GE Waukesha™ Gas Engines

GE's Waukesha™ gas engines range in power output from 120 KW – 3,605 KW (160 bhp – 4,835 bhp). The engines run on a wide range of fuels, including variable quality field gas. Waukesha™ gas engines are known for their durability and performance in harsh, remote environments involving mission-critical situations throughout oilfield power generation, gas compression and mechanical drive.

GE Waukesha™ mobileFLEX: Oil Field Power Generation

The GE mobileFLEX delivers deliver lower cost, lower-emission power to drill rigs, artificial lift, enhanced oil recovery and oilfield equipment. MobileFLEX is an EPA-mobile certified solution that provides a cost advantage to energy producers and operational advantage to drilling contractors.

GE Waukesha™ Gas Engines Power Generation Power Ratings