Our Services

IGPES is a full service single source provider, a strategic partner and ally for:

1. Project Management Services
An essential aspect of every successful EPC contract is effective project supervision and efficient management. Our project management services expertise provide you with comprehensive supervision and effective management of personnel and resources allocated for projects irrespective of the size or location.

As a result, we help to reduce technical risks, prevent construction errors, control budgets and effectively keep your construction project within the planned schedule.

IGPES successfully carried out Project Management Services for:

1. GE Specialty Connectors & Pipes Facility (SC & P) Project

2. Engineering and Procurement
IGPES have a foreign office in Belgium and a technical partner / Procurement support with Alpha Prime thereby enhancing our ability to meet all procurement both (foreign and local) needs of our projects and clients irrespective of the source.

3. Installation and Construction
We have established our capabilities in Turn-key Construction and Installation, especially of Gas Plants and Gas Compression Facilities. Some of our major contributions include:

1. GbaranUbie Early Production Facility (EPF)
2. Bonny AG Solution (DOMGAS) Project
3. Amukpe Compressor Station and OvhorGaslift Manifold

4. Pre-commissioning and Commissioning
At IGPES, our commissioning team ensures a quality check process for achieving, verifying, and documenting the performance of facilities, systems, and assemblies meets defined objectives and criteria.

Our complete commissioning services play an important role in minimising project risks and achieving performance goals right from the start.

5. Operations and Maintenance
IGPES has a proven O&M Track Record in Oil and Gas Production Services in Equipment, Personnel and Inventory Optimization leading to high Operability, Mechanical Reliability and Improved Production.

In modern economies where budget and expenses are closely monitored, our customers depend on us for maintenance services of any scale while maintaining commitment to excellence, quality and safety.

We have continually maintained safety of our customers through devoted maintenance work and thus developing long-lasting partnerships that have continued for decades.

We have maintained production capacity of about 250,000 bbls/day in:

1. Addax Compression Facility
2. NPDC OML-26
3. NPDC OML-30
4. Gaslift Compression Lease Facility At Otumara Flow Station
5. Oguta Lease Compressors & Maintenances services

6. Shutdown
IGPES brings together, equipment and front line crews who are experienced in all aspects of a planned shutdown and has recorded multiple success in OML 26 and 30.